LGD 2017

Lowcountry Giving Day is moving to a new day!

This is a day of celebration and we want everyone to get in on the fun. Last year, more than $4 million dollars was raised. In 2017, we are expecting more nonprofit participation, donors and gifts than ever before.

Non-profits can participate this year with no matching entity by registering here


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Merchants, Employers and Individuals can get involved as Catalysts to spur giving on Lowcountry Giving Day. Employers match employee donations, Merchants engage customers with giveaways, and Individuals can grant matching donations to their favorite cause. Your participation will show that you are a united part of the Lowcountry giving community as well.


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Lowcountry Giving Day raised more than $6.7 million dollars in 2015 for nonprofits just like yours. This year there are no matching entity requirements so no matter the size or cause, it is easier than ever to jump in on what will be the biggest celebration throughout the Lowcountry coastal giving community!

LGD16 Non-Profits

Unlock the power of generosity for Lowcountry Giving Day on Tuesday, May 3, 2016.

Last year, over $6.7 million was raised for a variety of nonprofits to help the Lowcountry become a better place to live, grow, create and learn. This year, we are expecting more nonprofit participation, donors and gifts than ever before.

No matter the size or cause, we believe that all nonprofits should feel welcome to participate, which is why this year nonprofits are not required to have a matching entity. Nonprofits are encouraged to team up with a Catalyst Catalysts, may provide funds to match every other donation you receive during giving day or they provide a number of other incentives to help spark your LGD16 campaign like giveaways or events, they can really help excite donors and help you create a goal for giving.

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; however, this is not a requirement.

This year Lowcountry Giving Day is making it simpler than ever for donors and nonprofits to engage. Donations can now be received through a simple text message
A simple new way for donors to give. Donors simply text your giving keyword or visit your giving website linked to your cause.

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, safely and securely, from anywhere, at any time. An exciting new online giving portal is available this year as well, encouraging and giving donors more power to find and choose organizations to give to. The future of giving is online, so let your existing donors know about this easy, safe method to donate and reach more potential donors throughout the coastal community via your online channels. Donors can still contribute by traditional means (i.e. checks, stock options). If you have a historical donor who chooses to give via check or stock options, you may want to communicate with him/her ahead of time. More giving will allow the coastal community to move towards a brighter future.

Together we can better serve the needs of those who call the Lowcountry home. #lowcountryunite

LGD16 Nonprofit Toolkit

LGD16 Catalysts

Help our community unlock the power of generosity for Lowcountry Giving Day on Tuesday, May 3, 2016.

Merchant Catalysts

This year, Lowcountry merchants from Hilton Head to Charleston to Horry County, can get involved in Lowcountry Giving Day. Your participation will not only show your customers that you support nonprofit organizations in your community, but that you are an advocate of goodwill within your locale.

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Employer Catalysts

As an employer you can integrate your existing policies for matching employee donations. Every company knows the value of helping employees give back to their community. Now the Lowcountry Giving Day platform can help you easily match employee contributions while displaying to the community that you are a supporter.

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Matching Entity Catalysts

Become a matching entity and your match offer could be the spark that inspires a nonprofit to put in the extra effort to reach your mutual goal.

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LGD16 Catalyst Toolkit

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Non-Profit Registration

Each donation of helps my organization every .

It's your lucky day! By registering for Lowcountry Giving Day you will automatically be enrolled in Text.Gives. The internet's simplest way to raise money. To give, donors simply text your giving keyword or visit your giving website linked to your cause.

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Text tokids to 33923
or visit text.gives/tokids

All donations received through Lowcountry Giving Day are held separately and paid out via check within 60 days to allow time for any credit card charge backs. If you want instant direct deposit payouts use the Connect with Stripe option. This will give you instant access to the funds in your bank account.

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